Journal 2 (Due: 6-20-2010)

Please reflect the following questions:

1. Project 2  & 3 最困難之處是什麼? (What are the most difficult problems you encountered when you were composing project 2 and project 3)?

2. How did I come up with my project 2 topic based on my service learning experience (如何利用義工經驗找到題目?)??

3. 我是如何產生對議題的自我立場 (How did I form my position on the issue)

4. 我是如何產生議題反方的立場 (How did I come up with the opposite opinions )

4. 請列舉在寫作中你所運用的課堂知識(What are the writing skills that you had learned from classroom applied in your writing?)

5. 我在project 3 寫作小組中所分工負責的部分是? (Whare are my responsibilities in this writing team of project 3 ?) 

6. 我的義工經驗如何影響我收集資料 (project 2 & 3)? How did my service learning experience affect my data collection for my project 2 & 3?

7. 何種本課程所學會的寫作或思考能力可以被轉用在其他學習上? What are the writing and thinking skills that you've learned from this course can be transferred to your other learning sites? Why or why not?

8. 義工經驗如何影響你project 2 & 3 的寫作內容, 看事情的角度, 或寫作時的設定角色? (How did your service learning experience affect your writing in terms of content, perspectives, and writing identity)??

9. 對本課程有任何建議嗎? What are the other parts that you would like to suggest the teacher to focus on in this writing course?