Reflection Journal 1 Due (Nov. 28, 23:55pm)

Please answer the following guiding questions as thorough as possible. Your grade is given based on the depth of your self-analysis and your critical insights.

Guiding Questions:

1. What have you learned from this writing course? Please provide detailed examples.

2. What is your responsibility of your community service ? How often do you work there and for how long? Do you have chances to interact with the other coworkers there? Have you ever tried to collect information for your writing projects?? (such as taking notes, taking pictures, collecting pamphlets or flyers, discussing interesting issues with coworkers, observing the context, culture, and people there, etc.)                      How much hours have you done already so far?

3. What is the most difficult part of your writing task 2? Why? (e.g. finding topics, searching information, grammars, wordings, organization, rhetoric, etc.)

4. Is it easy for you to find a writing topic? why? How did you come up with your writing topic for writing task 2??

5. What are the parts of the writing projects that benefit you the most? (e.g. writing skills, sensitivity of issues around, critical thinking? research experience, reading, community responsibility, etc.) Why? please elaborate.

6. What do you expect to learn from the course?

7. Do you have any comments or suggestions?