Journal 1 Due (May 9th, 23:00)

Please reflect upon the following questions:

1. How did you come up with the writing idea? (brainstorming strategies, personal prior-experience, research interest, service learning influence, etc...)

2. What/How are the data collected for your writing project? (personal observation, library or internet research, social interaction with your subjects or people in your service site, note keeping, etc...)

3.  What have you done to help you complete the project? (looking up dictionaries, library/internet research, reading samples, discussion, tutoring with peers/tutors/TAs, re-examining collected with service site subjects or people, drafting, etc...) 

4. How does service learning experience affect your project One?

5. What are your writing difficulties of the project 1 & 2? (finding topic, generate ideas, searching information, expressing ideas with appropriate vocabularies, grammar, organization, introduiction, thesis statement, topic sentence, transitions, logics, etc...)

6. Which writing instructions or strategies help facilitate your writing? (free writing, peer review, instruction of features of narration, instruction of organization, transition, introduction, rhetorical style, logics, etc.)