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    Welcome to 102-2 College English III Oral Training & Presentations!

    This is the Moodle space for both sections of this class (032009-00-1 meets on Wednesdays from 4:10 to 6:00, and 032009-01-1 meets on Thursdays from 12:10 to 2:00).

    Please check back regularly for updates and announcements. I will attempt to make any updates regarding the next week's class on Fridays so you will have plenty of time to prepare before class Wednesday or Friday. However, checking your school email and logging onto Moodle should be part of your daily routine.

    In addition to using Moodle, in order to do well in this class, the most important thing is to show up every week and make a commitment to improving not only your English speaking and presentation skills, but also your listening skills. Listen to your classmates and teacher attentively to learn how to discover your oratorical talent!

    Ms. Sheridan
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  • The Story Message


    Topic brainstorming with partner.

    HW: Plan / Prepare introduction of Final Presentation with partner
    Sign-up sheet: Topic must be “OKed” by Cheryl by the next class.
    ➢ Print introduction slides (3 slides on one A4 page) to turn in.

  • The Story Message


    • Performance of introduction of Persuasive Product Presentation (rotating pairs, each partner three times).
      Lesson: The Body: evidence, numbers, transitions

    • HW: Plan & prepare body of Persuasive Product Presentation; print handouts of any introduction revisions and body (3 slides on one A4).

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      The Story Message


      • Practice Introduction and body in groups
      • Conclusion
      • Confirm presentation topic and time on sign-up sheet
      HW: Plan & prepare conclusion of Persuasive Product Presentation
      • Print entire presentation to show me ("Handouts" 3 slides per A4 sheet)
        • If intro and body have not changed significantly, just add the conclusion slides to what you have already printed.
      • Topic 14

        Class 16

        Final presentations
        • Please BE ON TIME. Everyone must be present during all the presentations. Students will engage in peer reviews of classmates. If you are late for your time slot or not prepared, you will miss your turn and perform last.
        • If you are using special equipment or audio/video (you may use up to 1 minute), be sure to arrive early to test the equipment.

        If you cannot come to class, I am afraid you cannot make up the presentation. This presentation accounts for 40% of your grade; I suggest you don't miss it! If you encounter some sort of emergency or situation that curtails your ability to participate, contact your partner and me ASAP to let us know what is going on. Then we can make alternative arrangements. smile
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