Topic Name Description
File Moodle User's Manual (使用手冊)
File Course Introduction: Why Service Learning?
What are the Impacts of Community Services on Academic Writing?
File 本學期評量方式
File Course Schedule
File Writing Evaluation Rubrics
The attached table will show you the evaluation rubrics of your writing tasks.
Topic 1 File Pre-Writing: Invention
File Introduction to Pre-writing
Page Pre-Writing Exercise

Please write and answer the following questions:

1. Please explain/describe your prior English writing exucation and learning experience.

2. What are your expectations from this writing class?

3. What are your writing strengths/weaknesses??

URL Writing online source:
Online writing source:
Topic 2 File Pre-writing process
File Narrative Essay--What and How
File Dick Gregory
URL Dick Gregory
File Writing sample
File Writing sample-powerpoint
File Writing a Narrative Essay
File Show not to tell
File Narrative-Peer Review
File Description
File Writing Sample for Critique
File Students' writing samples 1
File Excellent Work of Narration- 982
File *** Excellent Projects--Narration [優良作品欣賞]
 凡是成績在98分以上的同學作品, 被收放在附件檔案中, 請同學欣賞, 並且大家一起加油 !!!!
File Excellent Service learning project one
Topic 3 File Peer Review-- Narration
Topic 4 File Writing Convention
File CC--What and How
File CC Introduction
File 寫作格式 Format
File Comparison and Contrast
File Transition and Coherence
File How to write an Introduction
File Comparing School Syetem (Draft 1 & 2)--> Homework
File List of Conjunctions
File Writing Sample 1
File Writing Sample 2
File Exercise-Linking words and Transitions (Due next week 5/11-5/15))

Please find the logical problems and correct the linking words or transitions.

The exercise is due next week (5/11-5/15).

File Logical Fallacies-Writing Sample
File Peer Review II--CC-

Please write your peer review response at WIKI site.

File Adoption or Sponsorship
Topic 6 File Rhetorical Style--Academic Writing

How to rhetorically shape your writing into academic style?

Check out the handouts...

File Chinglish--writing exercise
Chinglish writing exercise
File Argumentation--What and How
File Logical Fallacies
File No Argument is Perfect
File Format of Essay Writing
File APA Style
Sample of APA
File Peer Review
File Argumentative Essay-Handouts

Want to know the purpose of writing an Argumentative essay? Want to know how to organize your thoughts?

Check out the attached handouts!!

File Critique sample--Logical Fallacies
File Writing Sample
File Peer Review Sheet -- Argumentation
Peer Review Sheet -- Argumentation
Topic 7 File 問卷調查 (Survey)

1. 問卷請交於Moodle.

2. 答案可複選, 但請按程度排列順序 (Please order your answers according to the degree of intensity)

URL Project 3 Argumentation (Team Writing)-

Please read the URL for further information to argue:

Should Taiwan accept Chinese students and diplomas?

File Reference information for your project 3
Topic 9 File Peer Review